If you drive through some areas of the state, you will see grocery stores within a stone's throw of each other. But there are some areas that don't have a single grocery store.

Ohio needs more grocers selling fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods to the estimated 2 million residents who have a hard time getting them, says a coalition of interest groups, businesses and social services agencies that laid out a proposal today to change that . Among the things that could help eliminate these so-called food deserts: money from the state government for grants and loans, paired with private investment to stimulate more supermarket development, expansion or renovation in under-served communities.

The Jackson Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that 36-year-old Frankie Lowry of McArthur was eastbound in a 2007 Dodge 4 door, while 41-year-old Stephanie Gardner of Ray was westbound in a 2007 Buick 4 door. Both collided head-on near the center line of US 50 about 5:05pm Monday.